Affordable cybersecurity for small and medium businesses is now reality, thanks to Microsoft 365, Azure, and our team, which can help you work without worrying about threats on the Internet.


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Depending on your company's goals and challenges, we can help you explore the countless opportunities for cybersecurity and optimization of work and IT processes that the Microsoft ecosystem offers. We can then provide you with software and digital tools that will be supported by our resolute, Microsoft-licensed, and always-ready-to-help team. In this way, you will use the full capabilities of the services you pay for and accelerate the productivity of your enterprise, creating better conditions for your employees. Partnering with us will help you constantly evolve in the ever-changing game called business.


Delivery and management of services

With each passing day, we increasingly rely on software and digital infrastructure in the form of services, without which our businesses cannot run at their ...


Teamwork and content

Nowadays, you may have to work from anywhere. The right tools to increase mobility and security have an enormous impact on overall engagement and productivit ...


Migration and hybrid cloud

Migrating your data to cloud computing services is the first step to accessing the benefits offered by the wide range of tools that will be unlocked to you. ...

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ITESS – more about us

ITESS is a team of Microsoft-certified experts who will help you achieve digital security and efficiency for your business without unnecessarily burdening your enterprise's budget.
„Our mission is to be a reliable partner for our clients, to maintain a high level of information security by providing professional advice and assistance in structuring, organizing, and managing the effective protection of their information systems from external and internal threats and unregulated interference. Assist with adoption of cloud services by maximizing productivity while staying secured and compliant.“Find out more about us here.

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