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Nnazhi Mohammed


Nnazhi Mohammed

Co-Founder & CSO, Strategy Director

  • Job Title

    Microsoft 365 Licensed Trainer

  • Phone

    +359 878 027 993

  • Email

  • Experiences

    12+ Years

  • Skill Level

    Pro Level

  • Language

    English, Bulgarian


From an early age, Nnazhi Mohammed developed a love for languages and began to study them. Over the years, he became a polyglot, and this gave him the perfect foundation to start a career as a Microsoft service support.

After traning Microsoft support engineers for Convergys/Concentrix, then managing the French freelance Microsoft support team & finally fulfiling the role of Customer Success Manager at SoftwareOne, his desire to develop gave him a perspective that allows him to understand and apply skills that are necessary to ITESS overall strategy & sustainability.

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